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●大赛简介|Brief introduction to the contest


DFL Creative International Design Award (abbreviated: DFL) Competition). It is always an important topic for DFL to find an expression which is more in line with the connotation of the times and in line with the contemporary life. In order to dig deeply and popularize excellent design culture, the competition will take "design comes from life, design improves life" as the theme, through daily life experience, it will be transformed into life aesthetics, which will promote the leap-forward development of design culture, creativity and art design. The competition will collect works from Chinese design institutions, designers, and design students from art colleges and universities all over the world. Through the exchange and cooperation with international art and design, promote the development of global design, explore design new business type.


●大赛流程|Competition process





December 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020 (enrollment)

April 1, 2020 to April 15, 2020 (work review)

April 16, 2020 to April 20, 2020 (award list announced)

Mid April 2020 (mailing award certificate)


●大赛主题|Competition Theme


Design comes from life, design improves life.


●大赛分类|Competition classification





A. visual communication (logo, poster, cartoon image, packaging, illustration advertisement, etc.)

B. product modeling (product appearance, conceptual modeling, structural design, etc.)

C. environmental space (furnishing, landscape, architecture, interior, etc.)

D. clothing accessories (clothes, shoes and hats, accessories, etc.)


●作品要求|Work requirement






1) the entries of this competition shall be submitted by email.

2) the size of each picture is A4 format, the picture format is JPG / jpeg, the color mode is RGB, and the resolution is 300dpi.

3) fill in and submit the DFL application form, which can be downloaded on the qualification navigation page of the official website.

4) format of submitted email: category + participant name + work name, sent to the email designated by the Organizing Committee of the competition: dfl-office@qq.com

5) there is no limit to the theme and form of the entries, but the combination of design, science and technology, and humanities should be emphasized to reflect the modernity and originality of the design.


●奖项设置|Award Setting







According to the evaluation criteria of DFL creative international design organizing committee, the design works with accurate content, perfect artistic performance and unique originality will be selected from all the entries.

Award settings:

1) ABCD category set up gold, silver, bronze, excellence, finalists; quota to be determined (according to the actual number and quality of contributions to determine the specific award).

2) The winner will obtain the certificate of Award (Trophy / Medal) jointly issued by the competition organization

3) Excellent instructor Award: more than 5 of the students' works directed by university teachers have won awards (including shortlisted Awards), and are qualified for the award of excellent instructor award.


●参赛资格|Entry Rules




Professional group: The entries may be submitted by a company or designer who is involved in the work.

Student group: The entries must be the work completed by the college students, and the participants can complete the work (the number of teams is not more than 3).

* Note: 1. Entries must be original design works; 2. The same participant can submit up to 5 entries.


●参赛费用|Entry Fee


Professional group: 138 RMB / piece / person, student group: 68 RMB / piece / person 


●支付方式|Payment Method

Domestic Alipay account: loongisle@hotmail.com

International PayPal account: longisle@hotmail.com


●注意事项|Matters needing attention




1) please write down your name and phone number in the column of the postscript (remarks, purpose, message), and send the remittance voucher together with the entries to the receiving mailbox for confirmation by the organizing committee.

2) the Organizing Committee of the competition has the right to publicize, publish, distribute, display and exhibit all the entries in various media.

3) the Organizing Committee of the competition reserves the right of final interpretation of all terms of the competition.


●举办单位|Host Units




Host: organizing Committee of DFL Creative International Design Award

Entrusted operation: Zhiqu advertising company., Ltd. and times creative design agency, Longdao (Guangzhou) Media Co

Official website: www.dflonline.com


●相关咨询|Related consultation


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